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Orion Consulting develops optimized solutions in terms of both deadlines and investment yield and offers consulting at all stages of the process and of the real estate investment business and tax strategy, with the goal of providing real value.

Our company was founded by professionals from different backgrounds with specific skills sets who all have years of experience in different Real Estate fields and who are all skilled in providing professional services and full assistance from planning to management.

Orion has a large international network and a well-established network of partners, which enable it to provide assistance to all clients, from the initial assessment and/or investment choice stages, right up to the closing phase, adopting a tailor-made approach.

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Orion Consulting develops optimized solutions in terms of both deadlines and investment yield and offers consulting at all stages of the process and of the real estate investment business and tax strategy, with the goal of providing real value.


The way our operations are structured is particularly flexible and is designed to be modular, so that solutions can be genuinely personalized and optimized in terms of the cost/benefit of the consulting service, thereby satisfying the needs of both private and business clients.


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Our Services

Orion Consulting operates across the whole Real Estate sector, focusing particularly on the tourism/hospitality, social/health and logistics sectors, providing a wide range of services:

Market analysis and asset/portfolio assessment

Comparable assets assessment

Property portfolio enhancement and development strategies

Fiscal, financial and debts restructuring advice

Facility Management Partners scouting and contractual negotiation

Fiscal, financial and debts restructuring advice

Strategic planning, sales strategy, drafting of budgets and reports

Costs and revenues analysis and planning

Technical, legal, procedural and authorization process advice and assistance


Portfolio management

Here at Orion Consulting Ltd we believe that Art and Real Estate are complementary when creating a balanced, highly profitable portfolio. This is why - in addition to the founding partners' mutual passion for art - we have founded an Art Advisory division that deals with safeguarding and adding value to our clients' collections, as well as helping create and/or implement collections and achieving maximum and fast monetization of our clients' assets.
Our fields of expertise are:

Historic and artistic research

Inspecting and collecting bibliographic and photographic material and documentation

Valuing works of art

Legal, tax and insurance consulting regarding the restoration, transport and storage of works of art

Advice on the most suitable times, methods and channels for purchases and sales

Certificati di autenticità e pubblicazione di cataloghi

Certificates of authenticity and publication of catalogues

Purchase and sale of individual pieces and/or entire collections

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portrait of Stefano Barzagna in a dark jacket and checked tie

Stefano Barzagna

Stefano has more than 16 years' experience as an administrative/financial manager in the Luxury Real Estate sector and, thanks to the knowledge he has gained, today he specializes as a Property Manager, concentrating on redevelopment and income generation from real estate assets.

His initial 14 years in the high-end interior design sector taught him to look at the big picture when tackling a project, to think about the optimized, finished project, and most importantly that time taught him to think like the client, and so to support and help them in a simple way throughout the planning process.

Born in Switzerland, Stefano is very passionate and dynamic, like all Italians, and precision is therefore something that has to be learned. His professional calling dates back to when he was still very young and he saw to restoring and generating income from the family's historic real estate in his beloved Umbria.

portrait of Giorgio Cuneo sitting at his desk in his studio

Giorgio Cuneo

A graduate in Business Administration and Management from the Bocconi University in Milan, he deals with business and financial consulting and in particular with extraordinary transactions in the industrial, commercial, and tourism/hospitality sectors and logistics.

Although he has already established himself as a manager, Giorgio is an entrepreneur in spirit, with forward-thinking vision, and it is precisely his capacity for thinking ahead and innovating that always puts him one step ahead of the others, offering clients genuinely unique ideas.

A golfing and sailing aficionado, Giorgio is a member of many philanthropic and cultural associations and, no doubt because it runs in the family, he has an innate passion for art and a profound knowledge of the sector.


ritratto di Claudio di Giò Pietro in dolcevita nero

Claudio Di Giò Pietro

Property Tax Advisor

With more than 25 years of professional work in the field of business consulting and auditing, Claudio is now an established chartered accountant specializing in particular in the economic, tax and financial sectors, in which he has gained extensive experience.

Claudio assists clients in deciding on the best procedures and in reducing the costs and times of business processes, and he handles business risk assessment and any other financial and tax issues, with a particular specialization in highly innovative projects.

An eclectic and multitalented man, he complements his professional life with a great passion for wine, as testified by his work with the family's wine-making business in Lazio, Italy, and all around the world as an 'ambassador' for Italian high quality wine.

portrait of Monia Santinello

Monia Santinello

USA Real Estate Advisor

Monia is an accomplished manager who has held a wide variety of roles in international groups operating in various sectors, gaining multichannel and multicultural skills that make her work particularly appreciated as regards managing relations with multinationals.

Specializing in the luxury sector, Monia was a trailblazer for process change, helping her clients make their time and costs more efficient, dealing with all process aspects, from deciding on the overall strategy to the project execution phase.

Spirited, precise and efficient, Monia is a meticulous but very empathetic woman who appreciates the daily challenge of managing projects in different markets and sectors, besides being a born work group coordinator.




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