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Art advisory

Art Professionals

“True art has nothing to do with proclamations and is accomplished in silence”
- Marcel Proust -
immagine che ritrae un violino musicale in legno


Now more than ever, collectors must be aware that well-managed artistic assets are indissolubly linked to an attentive and meticulous research into each individual artwork. For this reason, thanks to its own network of Art Professionals and internationally recognised and accredited experts, Orion Consulting is able to carry out analyses, research and in-depth studies to support the authentication and attribution of antique works of art and to liaison with the foundations for the contemporary works.


Our Art Professionals Advice service would like to provide to the collector the instruments so that art becomes part of the diversification of their assets, supporting the consultancy on the valuation and assessment of the collections, assistance in legal, fiscal and insurance in trading operations and since they are investments that are influenced by passion, require particular attentiveness. A proactive approach on the works of art and artists together with a conscious knowledge of the market allow us to envision the appropriate strategies to maximise the value for the client. To summarise, the due diligence, archiving and publication in reference catalogues, certifications of foundations and archives, promotion of the work of art in museums to increase its value, restoration and maintenance, safekeeping and insurance, are necessary steps to protect and pass on their assets.


Orion consulting models its own services on the needs of the individual collector and is well-equipped in the protection and enhancement of their artistic assets over time both through acquisition and sales of the art works identifying the most suitable channels and supporting them throughout their management including the activity of valuing individual pieces via prestigious international exhibitions.


A team of Orion Consulting professionals offers strategic consulting both to holders of significant artistic assets as those who have never invested in art of have experience as collectors with the aim of combining the solidity of the investment with the passion for art collections which often is the real difficulty of a particularly complex sector, characterised by dynamics that are difficult to interpret.


Orion Consulting offers specialist consulting and a wide range of Art Advisory services to a selected and private institutional clientele and in particular:

Historical artistic research

Verification and collection of bibliographic and photographic material and documentation

Assessment of works of art

Legal, tax and insurance consultancy for the restoration, transport and custody of works of art

Indication of the timings, methods and channels most suitable for purchase and sale

Certificates of authenticity and publication of catalogues

Purchase and sale of single pieces and/or entire collections

Bargaining and negotiation support