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The international network of Orion Consulting, made up of a group of companies with a level of service that far exceeds the global standards, actively seek to form international partnerships, always creating innovative methods of programming and delivery of their services and they embrace internationalisation as an essential and indispensable commitment of all their staff.

Collins Dale

Collins Dale is an International Investment Banking Advisory firm that provides the highest level of expertise and advice in M&A Sell-Side and Buy-Side mandates, Equity & Debt Financing, Debt Restructuring, Projects Due Diligence, Funds Due-Diligence, Strategy, Business Planning and Corporate Valuations.


The A.G Auction Gallery is a leader among Italian collector auction houses and also deals with numismatics. Over the years it has selected thousands of lots in more than 400 auction catalogues, with real rarities but also postage stamps and articles of postal history of lesser value but no less interesting.


Nomos develops valuation programmes for firms starting with the strategy and acting on certain central aspects of the business: valuation of intangible assets, support in special financial operations, reconfiguring the business model, communicating the business identity and multi-sector supervisors of the decisions.


Formed from the union between highly qualified professionals with many years’ experience in the political and institutional sectors thanks to a vast network of collaborators offered to its companies, organisations and monitoring services and reports on the legislative activities of the National and European parliament and by local Public Administrations.

frilli gallery

In the distant 1860’s of Florence, the Frilli Gallery was born and has established itself to the point of becoming a reference in today’s artistic international panorama, with an important clientele made up of both individuals and institutions. It produces and sells classic replicas of bronze, marble and stone statues and brings to fruition personalised projects for its individuals and companies.

seven audit

It is a company that operates in the field of administrative, fiscal and tax consultancy services, which offer services that range from simple accounting, fiscal and tax assistance for M&A transactions, financing and debt restructuring transactions, due diligence and company evaluation, strategy development and business planning with a focus over technology innovation sector.


It is a Real Estate Company deals with the requalification and optimisations of properties and real estate portfolios, providing organisation and repositioning of the properties, managing, with a turnkey service, total or partial restructuring, coordinating and controlling the negotiation phases up until the analyses of the management costs and income from the property.


Artvise deals with intermediation of artworks, jewels and watches. It manages private collections and collaborates with various museum institutions. With its team of professionals in Europe and the USA, it offers a complete service for both the appreciation of individual works and large collections, with a complete service of historical research, appraisal of attribution, acquisition and sale.


A hub of consolidated professionals, with transversal knowledge, competence and expertise in a variety of different fields, offer – a specific focus on innovative start-ups – specialised consulting services aimed at maximising effectiveness and conservation of investments through technological solutions that are easily graft into the various economic micro-systems.

piacere magazine

Piacere Magazine is a bimonthly collector’s magazine that is distributed free of charge. At its core are success stories of people, companies and brands, technology and innovation are regularly covered but it’s mostly centred around Art, Design, Fashion and everything that is trending. Together with the esteemed paper edition, an online version is available with additional content.

iso produzioni

It is a company specialised in consultation in the field of communication and marketing and in particular in the development and commercialisation of products and highly technologically innovative services including audio-visual and photographic products for corporate communication for Digital Public Relations and Social Media Marketing activities.

cuneo consulting

Cuneo Consulting is the “boutique of managerial consulting”, and due to this disposition of highly dedicated and personalised services offered, ranging from financial planning, to corporate restructuring and special operations, which – thanks to the network of external professionals – are supported by a series of other services, including legal assistance.


Ema Group is a financial Holding that deals with selecting and financing business projects in various sectors: oil, real estate, food & beverage, automotive, but is also expanding in the field of brokerage of luxury goods.